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The BMS platform facilitates communication with users, clients, employees, associates and other kinds of recipients.
It is a versatile tool that easily adapts to many different contexts and consists of separate modules that can be activated individually or in multiple combinations.

Chatbot / Frontend

To consult and receive information from recipients, it is available on the messaging application Telegram or on other platforms to be selected based on what you need.

BMS / Backend

This is the application's backend, it is web-responsive and is provided together with the chatbot (frontend) for information management and display of statistics.


Available modules


Allows you to send notifications (including in various languages and with the support of an automatic translator) to your recipients regarding communications that are of interest to them, categorising the information. You can insert links, text, images and pdf documents. Notifications can also be planned for automatic sending at a given date/time.

Persons registry

The use of the chatbot can be limited to authorized users alone. In this way you can share information only with the recipients that are required to receive it.​ This functionality is made possible through the use of a registry of authorized users that can be configured for any requirement.


This allows the chatbot user to ask for information 24 hrs by entering free text and to obtain automatic answers with the use of artificial intelligence, thereby relieving the support staff who are often overburdened with repetitive queries. The Q&A library can be configured autonomously through the management platform.

Live chat

When automatic answers are insufficient for meeting user demand, this module allows the chatbot user to contact an operator without having to shift to other communication channels.

Offline requests

Quite similar to the Live chat module, it offers chatbot users the support of an operator 24/7, allowing them to send in queries that operators can answer at a later time.


Offers chatbot users the chance to send a report (text, images, documents, audio and video) without requiring an answer from the backend operators in charge of management.


Allows the user to converse with the chatbot in the chosen language. All backend functionalities are adapted, e.g. allowing notifications (if the module has been activated) in several languages, with the support of an automatic translator. The languages currently available are Italian, English and German, but other languages can be evaluated on the basis of different requirements.


It helps in organising the tasks thanks to a flow that allows them to be tracked, notified via chatbots to the persons who have to take care of them, track their different statuses, display them on a map and calendar, and more. For the use of this module, the Persons registry module is also required.

Quality and security

We can guarantee quality, information security and data protection in the cloud thanks to our UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2022, ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and ISO/IEC 27018:2019 certified management system for activities reported in certificates no. 3482, 3483, 3484 and 3485.

Loghi Quaser e Accredia

Other applications


The BMS functionalities can be amplified and redesigned for any client requirements, such as:

Integration with external systems

e.g.: management software and users' databases

Creation of calendars for consulting events

Sending of customer satisfaction questionnaires

Personalised chatbot development


What they say about us

The use of BMS integrated with our laboratory software has allowed the Consortium to share information quickly and easily through the use of a chatbot that automatically sends data to breeders as soon as they become available and in real time.

Enrico Fronza

IT Manager of Trentingrana-Con.Cas.T.

Thanks to BMS every day we provide our Customers with an improved start up support service, providing them with a fast channel for solving the more common issues and making the communication and dissemination of important news more efficient.

Michele Dell'Eva

Manager of J. Schneeberger Service Italia Srl


Use cases

These are just some of the projects we have supervised and that are based on BMS:

Family Wellness Camping Al Sole

Camping Al Sole offers support service to users via chat on its website and on Telegram. The chatbot responds to requests thanks to the Q&A module, answering real questions from users and growing in intelligence over time with the support of interception and management of unanswered questions.


An excellent example of customized chatbot, it sends the milk analysis results (as well as other breeding-related data) to breeders and associated dairies, thanks to the integration with the management and laboratory software, used by Trentingrana - Con.Cas.T. (Consorzio dei Caseifici sociali Trentini).

Schneeberger Rapid Support

User support bot for the customers of J. Schneeberger Service Italia, it helps them solve technical issues and allows the company to inform its clientele about interesting events. Thanks to the support provided by the Persons registry module, the bot is private and can be used only by clients.

Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini Bot

Through this chatbot, Consorzio dei Comuni Trentini conveys important news for mayors, secretaries, members of Consorzio delle Autonomie Locali and other subjects. This chatbot also uses the Persons registry module, allowing the consortium to send informations visible only to the selected recipients.

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